About the founder

Poojya(H.H.) Sri Rameshwarananda Giri Swamy has been a devotee of Sri Sadguru Malayala Swamy and received Mantra Deeksha at a very young age of about 16 th year. After which he returned home, continued his education and fulfilled Grihasthasrama Dharmas as directed by his guru. He was a renowned medical practitioner and owned a nursing home in Shad Nagar.


Sri Guru Adhistama Mandir (Kundalini Yoga Dhyana Kendra) 

Sri Asangananda School: School for economically backward children

Goshala: Provides shelter for cows. 

Vaana Prasthasramam: Provides accommodation and service for old age people.

Annapurna Nilayam: Provides food and prasad for children, old age people and devotes.



Sri Malayala Swami Lalitambika Tapovanam

NH-7, Gollapalli





Tel: +91 800 888 4505

E: swamiji@tapovanam.org

Daily Pujas

>  Abhishekam

>  Kumkuma Archana

>  Archana

>  Harathi

>  Pravachanam

>  Havan

>  Goseva

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About tapovanam

“Sri Sadhguru Malayala Swamy Lalithambika Tapovanm”, “Tapovanam” was established by Parama Poojya(H.H.) Sri Rameswarananda Giri Swamy with the noble intention of enabling the blessings of his Guru Sri Sadhguru Malayala Swamy & The Devine Mother Sri Lalita Maha TripuraSundari devi in the year 2003. It is located on NH7 near Jadcherla (Around 75kms away from Hyderabad ).

Sri Asangananda School

For underprivileged and economically backward children, Sri Asangananda Oriental School offers free English medium education. Currently, it has 5, 6, 7 and 8th classes. 


Scriptures say worshipping the cow is equivalent to worshipping 33 crores of Gods. Indian cow, the singular species gifted with the frequencies that ensemble all the natural powers of the deities and the universe. 


Traditions and scriptures recommend Vaanaprastham to Grihasthas to find relief from samsarik vaasanas and mould themselves towards inner journey such that longevity and peace can be achieved. 

Sri Lalita Jnana Yagnam

Founder of the Tapovanam H.H. Rameswaraananda Giri Swami has performed more than 1000 Sri Lalita Jnana Yagnam at various places across Bharat(India). These include 3day, 5day, 7days yagnams. 


What is Sri Chakras

It is said that in the beginning God, who was one, wanted to become many and enjoy himself. As the first step to creation, he created Devi – the total cosmic Female Force. For the male part, out of his left, he created Shiva, out of his middle he created Brahma and out of his right he created Vishnu. That is why many regard the Devi as stronger than the Trinities and hence She is called Parashakti or Paradevi – Para meaning beyond. Brahma created the universe.

Vishnu controls and runs the universe. Shiva along with Shakti is engaged in the eternal dissolution and recreation of the universe. The Bindu in the center of the Shreechakra Yantra is the symbolic representation of the cosmic spiritual union of Shiva and Shakti. Apart from the power of Shreechakra, it also embodies a countless number of deities and represents the whole of creation. Hence by worshipping the Devi in Shreechakra Pooja, one is actually worshipping the highest ultimate force in the Tantrik form.

The Shodasi Mantra is given at the end of the Shreechakra Pooja. You can do Japa of the Shree Chakra Mantra with Shree Chakra Yantra by performing Sri Chakra Puja at home. You can learn Chakra puja Hindi or Shri Chakra procedure at home.